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Nyquill aqvol
Flaws (slowed + reverb)

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  • Длительность: 02:31
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Текст песни «Nyquill aqvol - Flaws (slowed + reverb)»

You work numbers, work wonders

You done woke me up from my eternal slumber

I'm the lightning, you're the thunder

There's a difference 'tween, "I need you," and, "I want you"

Girl, I need you

Good sex led to conversations getting a little deeper, uh

Tell me your darkest secrets, shit you wouldn't even tell Jesus, uh,

My karma been tweaking so much, I don't even believe in karma

But you give me a reason to thank God for all these recent falls

Percocet 30 E 8, I've been gettin' off

I done chilled out on the drugs since you've been involved

Suck it like it's love, fuck me like it's love

No protection on my heart, goddamnit, I'm gon' hit it raw

Traumatized from my past, yeah, I keep a log

In my mind, in my head, where that shit belong

They say you after my bread, shit, I hope they wrong

You already ran up the bands, we could have a ball

Hit it from the back, humina, call a play, huddle up
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