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Nipsey Hussle Jay-Z
What It Feels Like [ТР]

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Текст песни «Nipsey Hussle Jay-Z - What It Feels Like [ТР]»

And this is what it feels like
And this is what it feels like
Look, the only reason I survive ’cause a nigga is special, first
You get successful, then it get stressful, thirst
Niggas gon’ test you, see what your texture’s worth
Diamonds and pipes, wonder when pressure burst
Street nigga, still I get checks, disperse
I’m from Peach but before I get pressed, I murk
Better days pray for but expectin’ worse
At this level, bullshit, I’m just less concеrned
Cruisin’ in the 6, lookin’ at the proceeds of rap music on my wrist
Drop anothеr mixtape, my shit boomin’ out this bitch
Young Malcolm, I’m the leader of this movement out this bitch, look
And this is what it feels like
Reach a level, make you question, «Is it real life?»
All the weed good, all the pussy real tight
And the only rule, keep your dollar bills right

Scorpion bricks, way before Aubrey’s double disc
.40 on my lap, clap, sound like 40 did the mix
Filtered bass, sift coke like the Michelin star chef
Chef kiss to my wrist, I go dummy with my left
IRS on my dick tryna audit all my checks, it’s too late
You know they hate when you become more than they expect
You let them crackers storm your Capitol, put they feet up on your desk
And yet you talkin’ tough to me, I lost all my little respect
I’m sellin’ weed in the open, bringin’ folks home from the feds
I know that payback’s gon’ be mean, I’m savin’ all my little bread
Pray for me, y’all, one day I’ma have to pay for these thoughts
Real niggas is extinct, it ain’t safe for me, my dawg
Killin’ niggas in they own hoods, that make sense to you at all?
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