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Story of Erica

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Текст песни «Bmike - Story of Erica»

a living, breathing human?
Instead, you're just assuming, how the fuck can you say that shit, he's got your blood flowing through him!
Shit... You gonna mentally and emotionally leave him fucking ruined!
Do you even know the impact of the shit you doin? Try to make me understand!
Cause ain't no way that in the mirror you can call yourself a man!”
(Oh shit)
He starts reaching for his waist
She gets up in his face, then he pulls a Glock 40 out, he doesn't hesitate
“Move out the fucking way! It's either him or both of you, so don't make me choose your fate!”
And then...
Three shots without warning
Neighbours hear the screams from the yard 'cause the dogs keep on constantly barking
And he don't make a sound
He can't believe his eyes, he collapses to the ground
And he heard that crying-
For the first time in his life. Wished he could turn back time
“She said I ain't a real man, she ain't lying
Cause Lord I took her life, so in exchange take mine!
Little man, I'm sorry that I couldn't make you happy
But trust me, you don't want me as a daddy
I wish I could take it back, best believe I do
I took your momma's life, now I'ma take mine too...”

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