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Dolly Parton - Miss You-Miss Me

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Здесь Вы можете скачать песню Dolly Parton - Miss You-Miss Me. Или послушать её онлайн со своего ПК, телефона на Android, iOS(iPhone) или любого другого устройства. Все треки, в том числе и «Miss You-Miss Me» хорошего качества формата mp3. Продолжитеьность песни 04:00, размер 9.29 Mb.

Текст песни «Dolly Parton - Miss You-Miss Me»

Miss me
Don't you miss someone to hold you, now in the end?
And kiss me
And tell me I'm your lil' girl again

Daddy, when you left, did you remove yourself
From every sweet remembrance of me?
I'm always missing you, I hope you miss me too
And everything we were and still could be

Miss little things like walking in the park
Miss summer nights with fireflies in the jar
Big memories of you playing your guitar
Miss all of this, it's true, but mostly I miss you
'Cause no one else could ever take your place

And momma, don't you miss the things that home is all about
And all the drama caused by the anger you keep acting out?
Why can't you both just see, you didn't divorce me?
Forgive, forget and try to get along
I miss us being close, I love and miss you both
Don't miss the plea I've written in my song

Your little miss is missing out on you
And you're both missing out on so much too
Put pride aside and do what you should do
Don't make me have to choose
I love the both of you
Just let resentment go, and think of me

You've torn my world apart, and it breaks my little heart
Can't you see me? And see me missing you?
Oooh, I miss you, I miss you, miss me!
Miss me! I miss you. Miss me!

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